Pigeons Crossword

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Pigeons Crossword

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Pigeons Crossword puzzle is a great way to encourage little ones' critical thinking skills and vocabulary development. By completing this crossword, your little ones will be able to identify different types of pigeons and learn about their natural habitats.

It's a simple yet effective way to keep your children engaged and learning at the same time. Download and print our Pigeons Crossword puzzle today, and watch as your children have a blast solving it!

Words List: crop, part of a pigeon's digestive system, urban, type of environment where pigeons are commonly seen, statue, pigeons are often found perched on these, carrier, pigeon trained to carry messages, grey, common color of urban pigeons, homing, type of pigeon known for its ability to find its way home, coop, pigeon's home, flight, pigeons are known for their graceful ______., messenger, pigeons historically used as messengers, flock, group of pigeons, nest, pigeon's breeding place, plumage, feathers of a pigeon, seed, common food for pigeons, coo, pigeon's characteristic sound, perch, pigeon's resting place

Pigeons Crossword
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