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Free Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Nature Scavenger Hunt is an excellent way for kids to explore the outdoors and stay active. This activity is perfect for a warm sunny day at the local park or an afternoon exploring your own backyard.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

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I’ve created a printable list of items your child can find while out in nature. This printable list of things will help keep them entertained during a nature walk when out and about.

Free Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids

An outdoor nature scavenger hunt is a fun way to get them exploring and learning about the natural world. You can tailor the scavenger hunt to the age and interests of your kids.

This printable game is suitable for younger and older children so that everyone can join in on the fun. The list of things on the printable is fun to hunt for.

Kids will be excited to find “a bird’s nest” in the tree out in the street. They may never have paid attention to it before. There are items on the list that kids will find interesting, like something pretty, or something bumpy.

Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids

With printable games like this, kids will learn about different types of trees, animals, insects, and more while having a blast on their adventure.

It’s also an excellent way for parents to bond with their children as they explore together. They’ll have a good chuckle while looking for things, and when they discover them and cross off the item on the list, it feels like a victory.

There are two versions of this free printable nature scavenger hunt for kinds – Prefilled and Blank

The prefilled version comes with a list of items found outdoors in nature. You can use this version for younger kids. This one comes with finding everyday items like leaves, flowers, and rocks.

The Blank version can be used for older kids. Challenge them to find specific items or identify a particular plant or animal species.

No matter how you do it, a nature scavenger hunt is fun to get the kids outside and explore.

Benefits of Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids

There are many benefits to having kids do a nature scavenger hunt.

  • It gets them out in the fresh air and active. This is especially beneficial if they spend a lot of time indoors on screens or otherwise do sedentary activities.
  • They learn about different aspects of nature that they may not be familiar with. For example, if they find a leaf, they can use a magnifying glass to examine it more closely and learn about its structure.
  • Scavenger hunts can also be modified to be more challenging for older kids, making them a great activity for family fun.
  • Whatever the age or skill level, there is a benefit to taking the entire family on a nature scavenger hunt!

Nature Scavenger Hunt Ideas

These scavenger hunt ideas are educational and enough to keep them excited for a camping trip, summer picnic, hiking trip, backyard activities, or nature-themed birthday parties.

You can use this printable and take it with you on your next nature walk or create your own nature scavenger hunt list of items specific to your area.

They can even take a paper bag to collect the items and bring them home.

Nature Treasure Hunts for Kids

Make it challenging …

By setting a timer and seeing how many items on the list your child can find in that time period. You can also make it a treasure hunt by hiding items around the house or yard and having them use the clues to find the hidden treasure.

No matter how you do it, an outdoor nature scavenger hunt is a great way to get kids excited about nature!

How to download and print Nature Scavenger Hunt?

  1. Download the pdf file at the end of this blog post.
  2. Open the PDF files in Adobe Reader.
  3. Using the Print command, print on thick card stock paper.
  4. If you plan to use these repeatedly, try laminating the cards for longer durability.
  5. You can use a dry erase marker to check off the items that kids have been able to locate.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Besides printable games, there are so many fun outdoor activities that kids can enjoy. One excellent option is nature trails.

Many national parks have nature trails that are specifically designed for kids. These trails are often shorter and have more exciting features than adult trails. Spending time on a nature trail is a great way for kids to explore the outdoors and learn about nature.

Another fun outdoor activity for kids is visiting a national park. National parks offer many kid-friendly programs and activities, such as ranger-led hikes and Junior Ranger activities.

Kids can also learn about the history and culture of a national park through interpretive programs.

There are many other fun ideas for outdoor activities for kids, such as playing in a creek, exploring a forest, or going on a nature scavenger hunt. Whatever activity you choose, spending time outdoors is an excellent way for kids to explore the world around them.

Tips to make the scavenger hunt even more fun

Scavenger hunts are a great way to get kids excited about exploring the outdoors. You can add a little extra fun with a few twists to the traditional scavenger hunts.

For example, instead of looking for objects, have kids search for animal tracks. You can do this on hiking trails or in city parks.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try an indoor scavenger hunt. Hide small items around the house and see who can find them all the quickest.

free printable scavenger hunt

Download Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable Checklist

You can also make the scavenger hunt more challenging by visiting new places. This could be a nearby neighborhood or a section of the city you’ve never visited before.

No matter what twists you add, scavenger hunts are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages.