Fruits and Vegetables Crossword

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Fruits and Vegetables Crossword

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Fruits and Vegetables Crossword is a fun and educational activity for your kids. They will have a blast filling out the puzzle and also learn about the different fruits and vegetables they may not have known about before.

With colorful graphics, this puzzle is sure to keep your kids engaged for hours. It's easy to download and print right from the comfort of your home. Help your child enhance their knowledge and have some fun together. Download our Fruits and Vegetables Crossword puzzle today!

Words List: cucumber, green, elongated vegetable commonly used in salads., potato, starchy tuber often fried or mashed as a side dish., carrot, orange vegetable often associated with good eyesight., eggplant, purple vegetable, also known as aubergine, used in various cuisines., avocado, green fruit with a creamy texture, a key ingredient in guacamole., spinach, leafy green vegetable commonly used in salads and cooked dishes., broccoli, green vegetable consisting of dense clusters of tight green flower buds., grapes, small, round fruits typically used to make wine., pineapple, tropical fruit with a spiky, tough skin and sweet, juicy interior., banana, yellow fruit with a curved shape, often found in bunches., watermelon, large fruit with green rind and juicy red interior, often eaten in summer., tomato, often mistaken for a vegetable but botanically classified as a fruit., strawberry, small red fruit often used in desserts and jams.

Fruits and Vegetables Crossword
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