Valentines Day Printable Activities

Whether you’re looking for a fun family activity or something to keep the kids entertained at school, here are some free printable Valentine’s Day activities and games that both children and parents will love.

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Valentines Day I Spy Game

Valentine's Day I Spy Game

I SpyValentines

This free Valentine's Day I Spy game is sure to liven up any classroom or home! It's the perfect way to add an interactive and engaging activity to your celebrations.

Valentines Day Word Search

Valentine's Day Word Search

Word SearchValentines

Our free printable Valentine's Day Word Search is the perfect way to show your family, friends, teachers, and students how much you care. Download, print and play!

Valentines Day Word Scramble

Valentine's Day Word Scramble


Our free printable Valentine's Day Word Scramble is a perfect activity for parents and teachers to do in the classroom or at home. Just download, print, and play!

Valentines Day Bingo

Valentine's Day Bingo


Our free printable Valentine's Day Bingo game is a fun activity to do with the kids this Valentine's Day. They are perfect for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and kids of all ages.

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get creative with activities and games that will bring a little extra love into the day. Our free printable Valentine's Day activities and games are sure to be a hit at your event.

Valentine's Day Memory Game

A classic game of memory is an easy way to bring some fun to your Valentine’s Day celebration. This printable version features images of hearts, candy, and other symbols of love. Print out enough copies, so each player has one set of cards, then turn them all face down on the table.

Players take turns turning over two cards at a time in search of matching pairs. The person with the most matching pairs at the end wins!

Valentine's Word Search

This printable word search is filled with words related to Valentine's Day, such as “love”, “romance”, and “cupid”. You can use this as an educational tool to teach younger students about holidays while they have fun searching for words hidden in the puzzle grid. To make it even more challenging, create a timer or award points for each word found!

Valentine's Maze & Coloring Pages

These maze pages are designed for kids who are ready for a challenge. Each page features a different heart-shaped maze that kids need to solve by finding their way from start to finish without getting lost along the way! And if mazes aren't your thing, there are also coloring pages featuring adorable illustrations of animals in love - perfect for unleashing your inner artist!

Kids will love these free printable Valentine's Day games and activities! Whether you're looking for family fun or something awesome to do at school, these activities are sure to bring fun, lots of smiles, and laughter on February 14th. So go ahead - print them out and let the Valentine's Day festivities begin!