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Heart Shaped DIY Pencil Toppers

These heart shaped DIY pencil toppers are fun Valentine’s Day crafts that kids will enjoy making. These make for great gift ideas, party favors, or fun class projects.

DIY Heart Shaped Pencil Toppers

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Looking for fun and easy craft to do for kids?

These heart shaped diy pencil toppers are a great way to get kids involved in making and creating things from recycled or inexpensive material.

Since these are heart-shaped pencil toppers, these are perfect to make for Valentine’s Day.

Kids will love making these for their friends and classmates.

How to make Heart Shaped DIY Pencil Toppers?

Little ones can gift these pencils as is or add these with a Valentine’s Day Gift to make it extra special.

To make these cute pencil toppers, you will need the following:


  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Pencils


#1. Take two pipe cleaners, put them together and make sure they are the same length.

DIY pencil toppers supplies

#2. Take the two pipe cleaners and make a small oval.

Make the circles of the pipe cleaners

#3. Grab one end of these two pipe cleaners and twist around the eraser end of the pencil.

Wrap around the pencil end

#4. Hold the other end of the two pipe cleaners and twist around the same end of the pencil.

Twist the other end of the pipe cleaner and wrap around the pencil

#5. In the center of this oval, push a little with one finger to bend it a little.

Make a heart in the center

#6. This will make a heart on top of the pencil.

Heart Shaped Pencil Topper

#7. Repeat this with as many pencils as you want.

Repeat this as many pencils as you want

#8. See – how easy, quick, and fun it was to make these Heart Shaped DIY Pencil Toppers Valentine’s Day Crafts.

DIY Pencil Toppers to make at home

These might come off as kids use these pencils. Just put them back on, or use a glue stick to make sure these pencil toppers stay intact.

These cute heart shaped diy pencil toppers make for great gifts, party favors or fun class projects.

Are you planning to make fun projects for Valentine’s Day with your kids? Please share your comments below!